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Sustainable Fashion

How I saved my sanity and my wallet.

I was a hyper consumer, and would buy the latest trends every season. I was obsessed with refreshing my closet. My purchasing behavior got really bad and impacted my long term financial goals. The problem worsened with kids. I started to apply the same purchase behavior for their closets as well. Then, I started to get overwhelmed with managing laundry and organizing. It got really difficult to manage all the pieces they owned.

On the weekends, I would spend a ridiculous amount of time folding and organizing their clothes. This was just not how I wanted to live. I wanted to enjoy the weekend with my kids, instead of slaving away from something that is entirely preventable.

I was determined to make a change. Over the next few days I went through and downsized my kiddos closets. I only kept basics for each season. I donated low quality items and kept items that are durable enough to pass down. After minimizing their closet, my folding and sorting went from 3hrs to just 20 minutes! I was able to involve the kids to help with laundry because the task is actually manageable for them.

When I have to go shopping, I am much more mindful of my purchases. I look for natural fabrics that are made to last. My first preference however is to thrift. I have been able to find cute items from mini boden, ralph lauren, peek, and levi’s. I also look for vintage clothes because they tend to be better quality. So how do you thrift like a pro? Check out my tips below.

  • Stick to basics and buy items with simple patterns or designs.

  • Look for stains, tears, or wear. Since kids grow so fast you can find practically new items.

  • Shop ahead for the holidays. I have found beautiful holiday dresses for my girls at a fraction of the cost.

  • Familiarize yourself with higher end brands because they use better fabrics.

  • Check the label to see what fibers were used to produce the garment and stick to natural fibers.

You can also do all your thrifting online. Some of my favorite places are ThredeUp, Kidzen, and Poshmark.

Mau Collective is dedicated in helping reducing pollutants caused by the apparel industry. We are working to replace all our apparel with more sustainable options. Follow us to get updates on the latest changes.



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