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Poshmark vs Mercari

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tips and comparisons to help get you started.


For both platforms, there is no cost to listing your item. Poshmark charges a 20% fee while Mecari charges 10% plus a processing of 2.9% fee and .30 per sale. Mercari fee structure seems more complicated but compared to Poshmark you would make more money on Mercari.


($30 x 20%)=$6 Poshmark Fee

30 - $6 Poshmark Fee= $24 Profit


($30 x 12.9%) = $3.87 Mercari Fee

26.13-.30 (Process Fee) $25.83 Profit


Poshmark has a flat shipping rate of $7.11 making the listing and selling process very easy for the seller. Shipping is paid by the buyer unless the seller provides a discount.

Mercari requires an additional step when listing. You need to determine if you or the buyer is responsible for shipping fees.

One disadvantage, I am finding when comparing the platforms is that Mercari does not offer promotional shipping whereas Poshmark does. Poshmark pays for discounted shipping if you drop your prices during their promotions. This is a great way to increase your sales and not impact your margins. Another disadvantage is shipping cost for anything over 5 lbs is more on Mercari than Poshmark.

Listing Items

Poshmark is very user friendly when it comes to listing and selling an item. What I love most is that the information you enter is also available for export so you can track your inventory and sales. Mercari has many more required fields during the listing process but they do not share an inventory report. They do have a high-level dashboard but it does not have enough information to aid resellers to target customers by size, color, or brand ect.

User Base

Mercari started two years after Poshmark and has 15 million users. Poshmark was founded in 2011 and has over 50 million users. Mecari is known for its online flea market whereas Poshmark is more community based.

Time Spent

Mercari requires less time on the platform because you can use their smart pricing and let the platform do the work. However if your listing does not sell within 30 days Mercari requires you to relist the item.

Poshmark requires a lot more interaction. In order to rank your product higher on the platform you need to share consistently, join parties, and follow other closets. The good news, there are apps out there to help you with this.


I decided to cross list to increase my exposure to potential customers. I tried to tackle this manually but it was consuming way too much of my time! I refresh my inventory every few days so I needed a tool that provides unlimited listing. I found List Perfectly suited to my needs as it also lets me list on Ebay! I have been using it for over a month now. I found it has increased my sales and provided me more time to focus on things I love to do, like sourcing and sharing style tips!

If you are ready to level up your reseller game try List Perfectly and get 30% off your first month. (Yes, that's my shameless plug but I really do love the app)

If you never shopped Poshmark before click here for $10 off your first order!

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