Get a letter postmarked from the North Pole!

Start a fun tradition and get a letter from the North Pole Post! Add a little magic to Christmas and teach kids about letter writing, stamps, and penmanship.

Santa replies to your child’s letter — complete with the North Pole Postmark! The Greetings from the North Pole Post Office program adds to the excitement of Christmas and is ideal for getting kids interested in letter writing, stamps and penmanship.

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How to get a letter postmarked from the North Pole:

  1. Have the child write a letter to Santa and place it in an envelope addressed to: Santa Claus, North Pole.

  2. Write a personalized response to the child's letter and sign it "From Santa."

  3. Insert both letters into an envelope, and address it to the child.

  4. Add the return address: SANTA, NORTH POLE, to the envelope.

  5. Ensure a First-Class Mail stamp is affixed to the envelope.

  6. Place the complete envelope into a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and address it to: NORTH POLE POSTMARK POSTMASTER 4141 POSTMARK DR ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

We recommend sending your letters by December 7 so that they can be received by the Anchorage, AK, Postmaster no later than December 14. Santa’s helpers in Anchorage, AK, will take care of the rest!

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